Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thrashers lost out on Kovalev

So edit to my Thrashers rambling post earlier, Kovalev is definitely 39, not whatever late 20's I wrote him last time. But while we are talking about him, lets let it be known he took a contract to play with his bitter rivals, the Senators. Its something like $10 mil for 2 years... good job Donny for not paying that for him.

In other news, The Falconer has a cool interview with the Thrashers' second round draft pick Carl Klingberg. He seems like a cool guy and he wants to be Tomas Holmstrom, version 2.0, check it out.

And lastly, and definitley not least, the magical Joe Sakic decided to retire. He was a class act will always be remembered for when he got in a snow blower accident... no really, he was a great player and a role model for sportsmanship.

Later people.

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